Lost Me at Hello
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'Ello! Its me- Stuart pot! Otherwise known as 2D! From t'at band, yew know, Gorillaz. I hope Muds don't find this.. Eh... Yew can ask me t'ings if yew wanna...

ilovefrollomarik whispered : Well, not exaclty...(lol thoses tags XD)

Oh they got somefink new wiff lights then?

((Heh heh :3))

ilovefrollomarik whispered : Hahah! I think that they are making asctual artificial sunlight now!

Artificial sunlight…? OH! Yew mean like light bulbs and whateva? 

ilovefrollomarik whispered : Hahah! I think somebody doesn't have their bag of sunshine.

I don’t think you can really put sunshine in a bag… It bein’ just light an’ all.

I do have some laundry an’ gym shorts in me bag though!

ilovefrollomarik whispered : You lost me at hello.

'Ey, I fink Ive said somefing like that before..

I dunno… bad memory, you know… Wait, wot was I even lost on… Wot?

ilovefrollomarik whispered : he! i would hit him too if he hurt you. you are soo cute!

Well, cheers mate! Thats real nice to say(:

ilovefrollomarik whispered : aww, i hate when he hits you!! he's such a hobknocker!

Ha! He is isn’t he? Yeah.. It bugs me sometimes. He actually has eased up a bit when Noodles ‘round… Noodle isn’t afraid to hit Murdoc an’ Murdoc wouldn’t dare to hurt Noodle.

ilovefrollomarik whispered : i am well chuffed! i just watched that weird thing where murdoc decided to act out his sexual adventure and you were right next to him. how did that feel?

Well t’ats great to hear! Glad you’re doin’ good. It was really really weird and I was pretty grossed out. Ya know what I mean? Like, I don’t wanna see t’at. But then ‘gain, he is a weirdo. an’ a tart. 

ilovefrollomarik whispered : 'ello again!

Oh! Ello! how are yew?(:

ilovefrollomarik whispered : 'ello!

Oh- ‘Ello there, mate! (: How’s it goin wiff yew?

ilovefrollomarik whispered : i saw that day, i lost my mind, lord i'll find maybe in time you'll want to be mine..

Don’t stop the buck when it comes, its the dawn you’ll see, money won’t get there, ten years passed tonight you’ll flee~