Lost Me at Hello
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'Ello! Its me- Stuart pot! Otherwise known as 2D! From t'at band, yew know, Gorillaz. I hope Muds don't find this.. Eh... Yew can ask me t'ings if yew wanna...

broken-television whispered : Hiya 2D I think you are irresistibly cute ^,^ cencire me. C:


An’ fanks luff! Kind’a yew to say(:

→ Anonymous whispered : Have you seen SAW I almost craped my self the first time I saw it I've seen all of them other then the last one and there scary as shit

I have! I luff gore-y movies like t’at. (:

→ Anonymous whispered : Do you like Noodle? Like a sister or something more?

We have a brother-sister sorta relationship… Always been close like dat.

yanderesmiles whispered : Hi, 2D! First of all, I just wanna say that I'm a huge fan of all of you guys, but especially of you. Regardless of what Murdoc tells you, you are definitely the fan-favourite member of the band. :D Now, for my question: What's your opinion on the fans pairing you up with other members of the band? Like, how some think you're in a relationship with Murdoc and other people think you're dating Noodle?

Well thank ya(: Really does mean a lot to me, ya know, messages like these.

Its a bit odd. A lot odd actually. I know people will think these things are true, but theyre really not. We’re all really a big family.. for the most part.

An’ I just found out people are-are DRAWIN’ me with Noods! 

→ Anonymous whispered : But... my pet whale wants to be your friend! 3:

Me friend? No no no. 

I don’t fink I wanna be friends witha whale to much..

→ Anonymous whispered : I HAVE A PET WHALE! Wanna come over? :3 <3 Looooove you! <3

PET WHALE?? Why on earth would ya have a bloody WHALE AS A PET?? An’ NO, I would not like to come over if there’s a whale involved… *Shiver* Can’t stand whales…

→ Anonymous whispered : Hi 2D! Do you take after more? Your mum or your dad?

I take after me dad more than me mum, I guess. We both are really really into electronic finks and whatever.

homuraaakemi whispered : We know that you like zombie movies, but have you seen any other horror movies like The Grudge or Childs Play?

Course I have! The newa horror flicks aren’t nearly as good as the old ones though.

boluefni whispered : What colour was your hair before it turned blue?

Me hair was real dark before… nearly black!

→ Anonymous whispered : You were born with blue hair?

Nope. It grew back blue after I fell outa tree when I was younger.