Lost Me at Hello
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'Ello! Its me- Stuart pot! Otherwise known as 2D! From t'at band, yew know, Gorillaz. I hope Muds don't find this.. Eh... Yew can ask me t'ings if yew wanna...

→ Anonymous whispered : Murdoc Is God.

I beg to diffa!

→ Anonymous whispered : I'm not sure if it aired where you are, but have you ever watched the Napoleon Dynamite TV show?

Theres a SHOW of dat now? Wow… now I’ve got to see dat!

→ Anonymous whispered : I just bought the converse with your face on them:D

Oh yah? I hope yew like ‘em! *grins* I really like converse…

ilovefrollomarik whispered : Well, not exaclty...(lol thoses tags XD)

Oh they got somefink new wiff lights then?

((Heh heh :3))

ilovefrollomarik whispered : Hahah! I think that they are making asctual artificial sunlight now!

Artificial sunlight…? OH! Yew mean like light bulbs and whateva? 

→ Anonymous whispered : 2D I'm curious and I don't know if you already answered this but how can you sit through a scarey,spooky,gorey movie without crying instead of watching a documentary of marine life,specifically whales and dolphins?(Also admin I love this blog ;w; Props to ya')

I dunno really, they really don’t scare me or nofink! There really interestin’ and cool. I like ‘em! 

And whales? WOT? where? *looks around* …whales scare me out of me skin..


ilovefrollomarik whispered : You lost me at hello.

'Ey, I fink Ive said somefing like that before..

I dunno… bad memory, you know… Wait, wot was I even lost on… Wot?

broken-television whispered : Ello again! i was wondering if you would rather have a cat or a snake in your house? Me being me I would prefer a snake

Ello! …Cat or a snake? Hm. I think I’d want a snake in me house…  T’e way dey move is pretty cool! 

Cats are kinda weird… like, where do those claws even come from! Ya know? Like- one second they’re there and the next they’re not!… Maybe cats are like.. magic or somefink. I don’t think I want a curse put on me by a cat, you know? 

→ Anonymous whispered : Is Murdoc even capable of even loving?

Well, yah… ’is bass, sex an’ rum! Dats it though…

…Dat ‘s a lot of people followin’ me ‘round. Maybe I should be concerned or somefing… 

Well t’anks for followin’ me ‘round though.. I fink?