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'Ello! Its me- Stuart pot! Otherwise known as 2D! From t'at band, yew know, Gorillaz. I hope Muds don't find this.. Eh... Yew can ask me t'ings if yew wanna...

((Well didn’t that whole “try to be more active” thing go down hill, eh? Annnnd here is my second attempt Cx So yeah hi! Im going to try to write out a head canon page or something similar. And maybe even an open rp starter if I finish that! Hopefully…))

((I really need to get back into RPing again. Its been wayyyy too long and I can barely remember how I made 2D out to be. I should also try to write up some sort of bio page soon and try to organize the blog a bit better!))

onimasked-soldier-deactivated20 whispered : "Toochi~! Hallo~!" //Thanks sooo much for following back~! OwO

“‘Ey Noodle! Hows it goin’?”  ((No problem! C: ))

o-nohime-23-deactivated20130123 whispered : / You can go ahead and attack my askbox whenever you're free!! I'm all free, so you can go ahead and just give me the word!! I can't wait! /

((Yay awesome! It’ll probably take me a little bit to think of something decent to say in character, but once I do I will! C: ))

o-nohime-23-deactivated20130123 whispered : / s c re a ms Oh my wORD, you are a really, really quality 2D roleplayer. I understand you have a life and among other things that could play in factor as to how you haven't been on for so long, but I really hope we could roleplay sometime b-because you're really awesome, and oh my, you're honestly QUALITY ;AAA; /

(( Really?! I always thought I thought I was doing a horrid job at 2D. Honestly, I really don’t have much of a life outside of tumblr. But I do have multiple accounts and sometimes its hard to give them all equal attention you know? Thank you!! Honestly, Ive been looking for some people to roleplay with so I would love to roleplay with you hopefully soon! Again thank you for your kind words!! u v u))


okay for that 2d roleplayer (bluehaired-blackeyed)

** note: open for any roleplaying / multi-fandom, or gorillaz!

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o-nohime-23-deactivated20130123 whispered : Toochi--!